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Reindel Software provides web-based multimedia products and services. Our software development services focus on 3D graphics programming for Win32 platforms (Windows95/98/ME/NT/2000). Our product line consists of ActiveX components providing interactive 3D modeling and visualization capabilities.

The Surface Texture Control is now available. This control enables anyone with Microsoft Internet Explorer to preview home improvements (flooring, wall papering, painting), from the comfort of their own home. The Surface Texture Control allows users to modify images from a digital camera (or scanner), resulting in a photo-realistic scene of the completed home improvement. The control enables users a fast and easy method of working with images taken from any camera viewpoint, complete with their own personal surroundings. Enabling a user to visualize carpeting or tile along with their own furniture (and kids!) is a great way to help in the choice of materials selected for a home improvement. The textures provided with this control are targeted to demonstrate flooring improvments. This control can easily be integrated within any company's existing website, allowing potential customers to preview improvements using textures of the company’s own products.

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