An Introduction to Raytracing

by Kurt Reindel

Raytracing Overview

This document will eventually cover the concepts involved in raytracing.

I have been working on a raytracer for several months. This has been an extremely fun program to work on. I've learned quite a lot about lighting models and fractal geometry by this effort. I hope I can inspire you to jump into the world of scene generation and start your own raytracer or radiosity program. Please post what you learn! I hope to start a radiosity/raytracer hybrid someday soon.

The following is a list of capabilities implemented in my raytracer:

Click on the following thumbnails to see images created by my raytracer:

Wood0.jpg room1.jpg room2.jpg Lake0.jpg

The following is the bumpmap image used to create the water in the lake scene (only the water is of interest, the mountain & moon background were from two textured triangles).


Click here for an animation of the water