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The Texture Control enables a user to quickly modify an existing image. The control provides an easy way of previewing such things as flooring, wallpaper, window coverings, and roofing from within your internet browser. This is accomplished in the following steps:
  1. Load an image located on your local machine
  2. Define the image working area
  3. Select a texture
  4. Align the texture

The following images show the progression of a typical example.

Picture from a digital camera or scanner
This version of the texture control can load only 24bit bmp files. Most scanners and digital cameras are bundled with software capable of generating bmp files. Use the Browse button (currently located just under the texture control) to open a file selection box. Navigate to the image on your local file system. Click on the Load button to load the image.

Define working area
Click with the left mouse along the perimeter of the desired surface. Double-click on the last point to complete the area. You may enter as many areas as you like. Overlapping is fine. If you need to start over, use the Clear button to remove all of the sampled areas.

Apply a texture
Select a texture from the Texture combo box to apply a texture. The orientation of the texture will need to be modifed using the Tilt, Spin, Roll, and Scale buttons. Selecting a texture automatically places the control in the Tilt mode, so click and drag the left mouse until the proper tilt has been achieved. Next click on the Spin button to spin the texture so the pattern is directed in the desired direction. Roll the pattern to complete the orientation. Use the Scale button to zoom the pattern to the desired scale. If you need to add more areas, click on the Mark button to return the control to the area sample mode.

Another pattern
Try out the other built in patterns!

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